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JC621R Anti-corrosive Liquid Level Transducer

Pressure Range:0-50m
Power Supply:24VDC
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As a new liquid level measurement series product, JC621R anti-corrosive liquid level transducer is specially designed for measuring sea water level and viscous & corrosive liquid level by completely using foreign state-of-the-art technology. The use of titanium alloy large flush-diaphragm sensors, advanced manufacturing and encapsulating techniques, as well as high–accuracy electronic elements has greatly enhanced service life and comprehensive performance of the product. The use of internationally state-of-the-art ceramic capacitive sensors, dry pressure measuring technology with intermediate liquid, thick-film electronic technology, surface mount technology (SMT) and PFM signal transmission technology has given full play to technical advantages of ceramic capacitive sensors, with strong corrosion, overloading and impact resistance capabilities, high stability, and quite high measuring accuracy. This series product can be extensively used in many measurement and control fields of such corrosive and viscous liquid levels as sea water level. 


* Strong corrosive resistance
* Large flush-diaphragm design and good block resistance
* A wide range of measurement from micro pressure 0.5m to high pressure 200m.
* Strong overloading and impact resistance capacity, with overpressure up to dozens of times to hundreds of times of the measuring range.
* Adoption of imported ceramic capacitive sensors, with strong signal output, high overall accuracy and good stability.
* Small temperature drift due to intermediate liquid canceled for measuring elements.
JC621 Throw-in Type Liquid Level Transmitter

As shown in Figure 1, for installation in the water tank, water tower and other static water, generally the sensing end is directly thrown into the bottom of the water tank as far away from the pump and valve position as possible. The wiring section of the transducer is provided within the junction box, with the outgoing line pointing downward, to prevent water from penetrating into the airway tube of the air-guiding cable. Meanwhile, remember not to block the airway tube. 

As shown in Figure 2, for installation in the water dam, water well and other flowing water, a steel tube with an inner diameter of approximately φ45mm is generally inserted into the water channel, where some small holes shall be drilled at the same height opposite to the water flow direction so that water can smoothly flow into the tube. The wiring section of the transducer is provided within the junction box, with the outgoing line pointing downward, to prevent water from penetrating into the airway tube of the air-guiding cable. Meanwhile, remember not to block the airway tube.

Figure 3 shows threaded or flanged connection of the split liquid level transducer in the open–hole vessel, wherein thread size or flange size are G 1 / 2 and DN20 respectively or customized.
Measuring range 0~0.5m…200m
Overload capacity Three times of the maximum rated pressure
Measuring media Corrosive liquid (the medium compatible with AL2O3)
Overall accuracy ±0.1%FS ±0.25%FS ±0.4%FS ±1%FS
Long-term stability Typical:±0.1%FS/year Maximum:±0.2%FS/year
Operating temperature range Integrated: -20℃~70℃ Split (plug-in):-20℃~80℃
Compensation temperature range Integrated: -10℃~55℃ Split (plug-in):-10℃~70℃
Zero-point temperature drift Typical:±0.02%FS/℃ Maximum:±0.05%FS/℃
Sensitivity temperature drift Typical:±0.02%FS/℃ Maximum:±0.05%FS/℃
Range of power supply 12~36VDC(generally 24VDC)
Signal output 4~20mA/1~5VDC/ 0~5VDC
Load resistance ≤(U-12)/0.02  Ω
Structural material Enclosure:316L (optional) Diaphragm:titanium alloy
Sealing: fluorosilicone rubber(optional) Cable:Φ7.2mm special PE cable(optional)
Insulation resistance 100MΩ,500VDC
Protection class Enclosure protection class IP68
Safety and explosion protection Ex iaⅡ CT5
Response time ≤2 ms
Resolution Infinitely small(theoretic),1/100000(normal)
Weight Approx.250g
JC621R Anti-Corrosive Liquid Level Transducer
  Measuring range 0~X m or 0~X KPa
  Code Structural form(maximum operating range)
C1 Integrated:0~200m
C2 Split:0~10m
C3 Plug-in:0~4 m
  Code Overall accuracy (linearity + repeatability + hysteresis)
0 1.0%FS
1 0.4%FS
2 0.25%FS
3 0.1%FS
  Code  Signal output(standard power supply)
A1 4~20mA (12~36V DC)
V1 1~5V DC (12~36V DC)
V2 0~5V DC(12~36V DC)
S1 RS485 (10~28V DC)
S2 RS232 (10~28V DC)
  Code Additional functions
F1 G11/2  male thread(split and plug-in)
F2 DN20 flange(split and plug-in)
F0 Special
E Intrinsically safe explosion-proof type Ex iaIICT5
F Lightning protection type
T PT100
JC621R(0~10mH2O)—C1 —1 —A1 —E         Anti-corrosive Liquid Level Transducer

Tips for Type Selection

1. The medium to be measured shall be compatible with the material contacting with the product. Meanwhile, the density of the medium to be measured during measurement shall be indicated (except for water).
2. As an additional function code for type selection, the code “E” for intrinsically safe explosion-proof type Ex ia II CT5 denotes that power source must be supplied via safety barrier.
3. The length of cables shall be L = X m + 1m. Please indicate any extension (if needed) when placing an order. There are two kinds of cable materials. By virtue of its more flexibility and good wear resistance, polyurethane material can be selectively used. Where no special requirement is indicated, cables to be supplied shall be made of PVC material.
4. The corresponding relationship of 1m water columns with pressure under standard conditions ( i.e. 4℃, g = 9.80665 m / S2):1mH2O=0.1kgf/cm2(Kgf /cm2)=9.8kPa(KPa).
5. For other special requirements, please discuss with us and clearly indicate them in the order.
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